Winnipeg Artist 3: Jade Harper

Jade Harper is a tattoo artist at Rebel Waltz in Winnipeg, currently apprenticing under Bram Adey. Jade does mainly blackwork pieces, but has been doing more bold colourful works recently as well.

Bold bear and elegant script.

For a relatively new artist her portfolio is growing very quickly, as she is talented, and dedicated.

Asian style cat with chrysanthemum in Japanese black and grey.

Jade has a large amount of her own tattoo flash to choose from, and she also takes ideas, and will make changes to her own flash to suit the client’s needs.

Healed cowboys in love.
Bloody heart in hand.
Detailed line and dotwork hot air balloon.
Classic traditional lady head and the number 27.
Beautifully shaded lotus flower.
Roquefort the mouse from Disney’s The Aristocats.
Naked woman and dragon in Japanese black and grey.
My own “hang in there” noose from Jade.
Bold playboy bunny.
Some bright flowers on the forearm.

Jade is a must-see up and coming artist in Winnipeg if you’re passing through, or a local looking for someone great!


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