Tattooing freckles is becoming a popular trend in the tattoo and cosmetic world. Unlike regular tattoos which are meant to stand out and be very noticeably a “tattoo” cosmetic tattooing uses subtle pigments that look natural, especially when they fade.

Freckles on Sydney Dyer by herself. Sydney can be found in Calgary, AB, Canada.
Healed freckles on Sydney by herself.
Healed freckles also by Sydney.
More healed freckles by Sydney.

While it is a tattoo, these kinds of cosmetic tattoos tend to fade quite quickly, and are often only semi-permanent, and will need touch ups to make it last.Generally speaking these tattoos will last around 2 years before they will need a touch up, or you can let them fade away entirely.

Freckles by Wesley Cavendish at River City Tattoo.
Freckles by La Doyenne on herself in San Diego.
Freckles by Sarah Grisdale at CoalitionSkin in Vancouver.
More freckles by Sarah.

What do you think of this new trend?


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