Artist of the Month: Max Rathbone

Max Rathbone is the owner of Second City Tattoo Club in Birmingham UK.

Max has his own style, mixing Japanese and other Asian motifs with Neo-traditional colours and styling.

Bold as hell red and black neck peony.
Large piece from the back of the neck leading up onto the head featuring a beautiful peony and a wine corker.

If you’re looking for some sweet flower pieces, Max is your guy. He of course tattoos other designs and pieces, but he’s well known for his flowers, particularly peonies and cherry blossoms, pairing them with snakes, skulls, dragons, etc.

Full negative space sleeve, heavy on the black and featuring peonies and cherry blossoms.
Full back, front, and sleeves. Ouch!

The majority of Max’s work is colour, but he also does amazing black and grey and blackwork.

Black and grey throat piece of a stag beetle and cherry blossoms.
Full rib panel with a cat and fruit.

While he does do some smaller scale pieces, the majority of his work is quite large. Things like back pieces, sleeves, and torsos.

Full colourful chest piece of an angry snake and peony flowers.
Quartz skull, snake, and peony back piece.

When doing smaller scale work, Max doesn’t shy away from the “job stoppers”. Taking a look at his Instagram you’ll find neck pieces and hands galore!

Cherry blossoms on the hand.
Matching red and yellow/orange shoulder peonies.

If you’re in the area, definitely make sure to check his work out and book yourself some time. To do that, check out his Instagram and send him an email.

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